Greetings, Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner. We value your ongoing service as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner and your contributions to the International Compassionate Inquiry community.

You are invited to re-certify every two years after the last day your Professional Training.  

If a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner does not re-certify, all of the privileges of certification are discontinued. If you would like to maintain your designation as a certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner and your listing on the website.

You should have received the final deadline for your re-certification via email. Generally, the final deadline is two years after you were certified as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner.

The requirements for re-certification include:

  • Upload at least 50 documented hours of clinical practice in the previous year
  • Submission of 5 case studies
  • A 25-50 minute video review of 1 Compassionate Inquiry session with a client, either in person, online or via a video recording (see video requirements below) unless you are currently in the mentorship program and your personal mentor has already pre-approved your video.

If you are re-certifying and not in the mentorship program, it is required to upload a video demonstrating CI with another non-CI person as a client.

  • Upload CI CE log document
  • Upload current proof of Professional Liability Insurance
  • Upload proof of at least 12 documented supervision or CI mentoring sessions within the first 2 years as a certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner.
  • Re-certification fee of $230 CAD

You have one more opportunity if after the first attempt you are not approved to re-certify. You may submit a second video within three months of being notified. If the applicant is still not certifiable, he/she/they will be recommended to participate in the 6-month Mentorship Program.

Proof of completion of at least 20 CE credits within the 2-year period is required for re-certification. The requirements for CE credits specific to CI are outlined in this link.

See the CI website here for more information on re-certification requirements.


Video Requirements:

You are required to submit one video between 25-50 minutes in length to be reviewed by one of our designated certification reviewers, unless you are currently in the mentorship program and your personal mentor has already pre-approved your video.

  • You must record the Zoom session "gallery view" OR record the session in such a way as to ensure that both you and your client can be seen simultaneously on the screen
  • The video must be between 25 - 50 minutes in length
  • Your client must be someone who is not trained in CI

If the initial video is inadequate, allowance for 1 more video submission is permitted, for a fee of $230 CAD.

Re-certification Fee
 A $230.00 CAD certification fee is due with your submission and is required before the Certification Team reviews your complete submission.
 You will be directed to pay after submitting this form, or can pay the certification and/or late fee at this link.

Privacy Disclaimer
 The information, files, and videos you submit are strictly confidential and will only be seen by the certification team, comprised of Certification Reviewers, Certification Coordinators, Sat Dharam, and Gabor. Your submission will be reviewed and deleted 60 days after all certification requirements have been received, or within 8 months after the final week of the Mentorship Program training. 

 If this is your first time using Submittable, you will first need to create an account. In addition, please note that by default you must input your mailing address first as well. The form with file uploads is on page two.

 For support or clarification, please email

Thank you,

The Certification Team at Compassionate Inquiry

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.